Why we founded the Eurasier Society of UK

The Aims of Eurasier Society UK are:

  • To host a community of like-minded Eurasier lovers in the UK.
  • To provide high quality guidance and support for all Eurasier owners, particularly in relation to health (including both conventional and holistic treatments), nutrition and behaviour.
  • To develop a network of Eurasier breeders in the UK and to provide them with access to breeding resources, including potential studs
  • To establish strong international links, with an emphasis on sharing health information and breeding-related issues.
  • To give advice to potential Eurasier puppy buyers.
  • To be at the cutting edge of new research on health in Eurasiers and to impart the findings appropriately.
  • To be a point of contact for current Eurasier owners needing support with potential rehoming and for advice and information regarding any rescue or rehoming situation.

Eurasier Society UK - Our Rules

To download the Rules of Eurasier Society UK please click here.

Eurasier Society UK - Our Code of Ethics

To download the Code of Ethics of Eurasier Society UK please click here.