Committee of the Eurasier Society UK


Malcolm Playle


Bio: Malcolm first heard about Eurasiers in the early 1990’s whilst looking for a breed to fill an empty space in the household following the passing of a beloved Burmese cat. The report spoke about a new continental breed which ticked all the right boxes. Realizing that none were in this country, and not likely to be for many years, he settled on a delightful Lurcher who was part of his family for nearly 17 years.

Fast forward to 2015 and the search for a new breed to replace the Lurcher. His son wanted a proper, prick -eared breed of medium size. Breeds were looked at and rejected so it was Crufts and Discover Dogs for the family. The Eurasier was selected, much to Malcolm’s delight, and the beautiful Neo came to join the family followed by the impish, elegant Zeus a few years later.

Malcolm doesn’t regard himself as an expert on the breed, others are better equipped to discuss all the finer points of health and breeding. However, knowing this breed through the sheer joy that his Eurasiers bring, makes him want to learn more and promote the health and welfare of the breed.



Lynn Pay


Bio: Lynn first discovered the Eurasier in 2005 whilst investigating what breed would be best for herself and husband Philip. They got their first Eurasier in 2006 and have never looked back. They currently have three Eurasier girls and Lynn is very passionate about ensuring the future health and well-being of the breed and has been involved with the Society since it's inception, undertaking many different roles along the way.

Lynn is also Membership Secretary, part of the Health & Breeding Advisory Panel, looks after our website and is an Administrator on the Facebook Group.


Kathy Clark


Bio: Kathy was first introduced to the Breed in 2006 when her niece got two Eurasier puppies. She fell in love with the breed and bought her first Eurasier, Anya, on her retirement in 2008. Like so many Eurasier owners Kathy got another Eurasier, Nishiime in 2017.

Since joining the Society she has spent many years on the Committee and was the Rescue & Rehoming Coordinator until 2017. Since then she has served as Vice-Chair before taking on her current position of Treasurer.

Kathy is also an Administrator on the Facebook Group.

Vice Chair

Valerie Plant


Bio: Val wanted a Eurasier back in 1980 but they were few and far between at that time. She went instead, into Finnish Spitz with whom she showed, bred, judged and stewarded and also made up 4 champions.

Owning a Eurasier never left her and in 2008 her dream came true when she rehomed 2 beautiful Eurasiers, Geena and Vanou.

Always in the background helping the Eurasier Society with various tasks, she was asked to take over the production of the calendar in 2015 which now also includes merchandising.

Eurasier health is very important to her along with Rescue. She currently has Ria and her rescue Zoe.


Committee Member

Head of Health and Breeding Advisory Panel

Junior Hudson


Bio: Junior Hudson is a Canine Behaviour & Wellness Practitioner.  Specialising in behaviour and nutrrition, he integrates a multi-disciplinary approach to canine wellness.  An associate member of the Collage of Integrative Veterinary Therapies, he has assisted the Kennel Club in updating and modifying health recommendations for owners and breeders and has worked alongside leading experts in the field worldwide.  Junior has currently worked with over 3,500 dogs and their guardians.  He has worked with leading pet-industry businesses, committed to elevating the standards of canine health and welfare.

After getting his first Eurasier almost 14 years ago, he has been heavily involved with Eurasier breed health and has served as Breed Health Coordinator for a number of years. Junior shares his home with 3 Eurasiers and remains committed to the healthy development of the breed in the UK and abroad.


Committee Member

Clair King

Bio: Clair lives with her 2 children and 2 Eurasier bitches. She is a Kennel Club  Assured Breeder and  has had 4 beautiful Eurasier litters so far. She regularly hosts dog walks in Bedfordshire, bringing the community together. Clair has previously carried out the roles of Acting Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Events Coordinator.

Clair is part of the Health & Breeding Advisory Panel and an Administrator on the Facebook Group.


Committee Member

Paola Tarelli

Bio: Paola has grown up with dogs all her life and couldn't imagine life without them. She owns a Eurasier called Kimi who loves socialising with other dogs, especially as Paola owns her own dog walking company. She first got introduced to the Eurasier breed in 2014 and hasn't looked back since. 

Committee Member 

Nina Bainbridge

Bio: Nina has been around animals all her life, cats, horses, dogs and an iguana to mention a few!  She discovered the Eurasier breed after a search for a breed that got along with their beloved cat.   Their first Eurasier bitch, Reba arrived in 2018 from France closely followed by another bitch and their latest addition in 2024.  Nina has a strong interest in the health of our canine companions but in particular of course in Eurasiers.  Nina furthers her interest in dogs with her work at the Royal Kennel Club. 

Nina produces the Eurasier Society newsletter, website and anything else ESUK needs help with.

Rescue and Re-homing Coordinator

Becky Lovell-Newman

Bio: Becky first learned about the Eurasier when googling 'dogs that are good with cats'. She attended an organised walk to meet some in real life and fell in love with the breed. Maia joined the family in 2015. Her two cats are still not convinced.

Beckys' career as an acupuncturist for people has led to a strong interest in holistic approaches to animal health. She has attended courses in T Touch and Zoopharmacognosy.

She is also an active advocate for positive training and a deeper understanding of how dogs communicate. As a member of the admin team for Reactive Dogs UK she has gained great contacts in the behaviour/training world and hopes to bring this knowledge and compassion to the role of Rescue Coordinator.