Committee of the Eurasier Society UK

Elected at the AGM, June 2019

Chair and Rescue & Rehoming Coordinator

Beverley Davey


Bio: Beverley spent her whole career in public service, seeing the best and worst of humanity. Throughout her career she still managed to keep horses, dogs and cats and was an active advocate of holistic animal husbandry. She joined Eurasier Society UK in 2014 when she became the owner of her first Eurasier and soon after volunteered to help with rehoming and rescue. This naturally led to a place on the Committee in 2017, taking over as the Rescue and Rehoming Coordinator. With this Committee position came the responsibility for learning more about Eurasier Society UK, its affiliation with the Kennel Club and its responsibility to uphold high standards of breeding and welfare amongst Eurasiers in the UK. Since joining the Committee Beverley was a part of the regeneration of the Rules and Code of Ethics bringing a new perspective to the established Society. In 2019 Beverley took over as Chair whilst still retaining the role of Rescue and Rehoming Coordinator. Her aims are to continue with the high standards of breeding and welfare, to make the Society a welcoming, inclusive and informative place for all Eurasier owners. 


Lynn Pay


Bio:  Lynn first discovered the Eurasier in 2005 whilst investigating what breed would be best for herself and husband Philip. They got their first Eurasier in 2006 and have never looked back. They currently have three Eurasier girls and Lynn is very passionate about ensuring the future health and well-being of the breed and has been involved with the Society since it's inception, undertaking many different roles along the way.

Lynn is also Membership Secretary, part of the Health & Breeding Subcommittee and looks after our website and Facebook Group.


Kathy Clark


Bio: Kathy was first introduced to the Breed in 2006 when her niece got two Eurasier puppies. She fell in love with the breed and bought her first Eurasier, Anya, on her retirement in 2008. Since joining the Society she has spent many years on the Committee and was the Rescue & Rehoming Coordinator until 2017 when she handed this over to Bev. Since then she has served as Vice-Chair before taking on her current position of Treasurer.


Clair King


Bio: Clair lives with her 2 children and 3 Eurasier bitches. She is a Kennel Club  Assured Breeder and has had 4 beautiful Eurasier litters so far. She regularly hosts dog walks in Bedfordshire, bringing the community together.

Clair has previously carried out the roles of Treasurer and Events Coordinator.

Clair King

Head of Judges Subcommittee and all things showing

Ruth Bickford


Committee Member

Paola Tarelli

Bio: Paola has grown up with dogs all her life and couldn't imagine life without them. She owns a Eurasier called Kimi who loves socialising with other dogs, especially as Paola owns her own dog walking company. She first got introduced to the Eurasier breed in 2014 and hasn't looked back since. 

Committee Member

Nathan Rickett

Bio: From his earliest memories of his parent's and grandparent's dogs, dogs have always been part of his life. Growing up with a variety of breeds, from German Shepherds to Dalmations to Boxers to Newfoundlands. It was only a couple of years of living in his own house without one until he decided that a dog was what was missing in his life. When attending Crufts in 2016, Nathan stumbled across the Eurasier Breed, where he instantly fell in love with them, their temperament, look, size and their individual personalities, he knew this was his perfect breed. Ghost has since then become a part of Nathan's family, where they have both competed in multiple shows, even attending Crufts and placing Reserve Best of Breed as of 2019. It's safe to say that he has a huge passion and love for the Eurasier.