Our Breeders of Eurasiers in the UK

The Eurasiers Society breeders are a group of individual family breeders who work collectively for the benefit of the Eurasier breed. Their Eurasiers are very much part of their family with the health and wellbeing of their dogs coming first and foremost. The breeders below have committed themselves to adhering to our very strict Code of Ethics, which is the strictest of any Eurasier club/association in the UK. This means quality control for you as a prospective buyer of a Eurasier puppy and ensures the continued health and conformation of the breed. No commercial breeders are Society recognised breeders.

When buying a Eurasier puppy make sure it is UK Kennel Club registered, on the Full Breed Register, in the name of the person you are buying from, never buy from a third-party or someone acting as an agent. Also ensure that both parents are at least health-tested for hips, elbows, patella, eyes and thyroid function, with hip scores around or below the breed average, and that you can visit the puppy and his/her mother before taking it into your home.

When signing a puppy contract, please ensure that you are fully aware of all its implications and are happy with it before you sign. Ask the breeder to send you the contract in advance, so that you can think about it in peace and quiet and make enquiries if necessary. Make sure that the puppy will be registered IN YOUR NAME with the Kennel Club. We have seen quite a few cases - outside the Society - where this has not been the case.

The price of a puppy should reflect its ownership. If you pay the full price, don't accept co-ownership by your breeder. Free future stud services, or free 'pick of a litter' from a bitch should also be reflected in the price for a puppy.

PLEASE: Do not buy a puppy that will not be Kennel Club registered or at a cheap price, as this encourages unethical breeding.