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Eurasier Society of the UK
General Code of Ethics

Members who breed Eurasiers agree to:

29. Both sire and dam must have hips, elbows and patellas screened through the BVA/KC or other similar accredited scheme and have satisfactory scores.

30. Breeders are advised to note the KC recommendation, that, in order to control hip dysplasia, it is prudent to select a sire and dam with hip scores that are below the Breed Mean Score and wherever possible the elbow score should be 0.

31. Only dogs and bitches with normal patellas (score of 0/0) with a veterinary statement of being ‘free from’ patella luxation are to be used for breeding.

32. Both sire and dam must be clear of entropion and ectropion. Any Eurasier with diagnosed distichiasis should only be mated to a completely unaffected dog.

33. Both sire and dam must have minimum a Four-Panel Thyroid Test (T4,fT4,TSH,TgAA), and all values must be in the normal range. All breeding stock should be tested every 2 years or before a mating.

34. If requested by the Society Breeding Sub-Committee owners of breeding stock must be willing to undergo additional tests e.g. coat colour, DWLM, Epi, BVA Eye Test.

35. All breeding stock must have correct gender characteristics. Sires must have two apparently normal testicles fully and naturally descended into the scrotum.

36. All breeding stock should have a full set of teeth (42 conforming to the usual tooth conformation) unless certified by a vet to have been lost, and a normal scissor or pincer bite. Dogs with missing P1 & P2’s should only be mated to an unaffected dog.

37. All breeding stock must have naturally pricked ears; semi-pricked or pendulous ears are not acceptable.

38. No breeding animal is allowed to have a kinky tail unless certified by a vet that it has been acquired after birth.

39. All breeding stock should have good pigment. Lack of pigment can be compensated for in matings where possible.

40. When mating a Eurasier to another whose owner is not obligated to comply with this Code of Ethics, ensure that their Eurasier is fully health-checked.

41. Not allow a bitch to produce, or a stud to sire, more than 21 puppies or 3 litters (whichever is greater) until at least two puppies have been health-checked and achieved satisfactory results for hips, elbows, patellas, eyes and thyroid function as indicated above.

42. Always be mindful that the nature and needs of breeding stock are the same as those of all Eurasiers: They are first and foremost COMPANION dogs. Breeders are therefore expected to keep retired breeding Eurasiers as an integral part of the family and not re-home or dispose of them.

43. For breeders keeping both sexes it is recommended that not more than three brood bitches with one stud dog should be kept in any one household.

44. Only breed a litter if they have the time and facilities to devote proper care and attention to the rearing of the puppies and the well being of the dam.

45. Only breed a litter if they are reasonably sure of finding suitable homes for the puppies.

46. Not intentionally mate a Eurasier with any other breed, nor with a Eurasier not registered with a national Kennel Club in its country of origin / residence.

47. Be honest and open about hereditary problems occurring in their stock to ensure that these are not unknowingly perpetuated.

48. Enter into all breeding arrangements with written contracts and only sell puppies in conjunction with a written contract. (sample available)

49. Once a sire has produced puppies numbering 10% of the population that reside in the UK, the owner should then withdraw him from use in the UK.

50. Not provide stud services unless satisfied that the owner of the bitch has the necessary time and facilities.

51. Only mate bitches that will be between the age of 24 months and 7 years when they whelp, and then only if they are considered physically and mentally fit enough to raise a litter of puppies.

52. Not to intentionally have litter from a bitch on consecutive seasons.

53. Not to produce in a household more than two litters in any 12-month period.

54. Not allow a bitch to have more than four litters in her lifetime.

55. Consult with the Committee before using a bitch that has had a Caesarean delivery.

56. Keep accurate and thorough breeding records in full accordance with Kennel Club requirements.

57. Pay careful attention to the physical and emotional needs of puppies produced, providing maximum health protection through worming and proper veterinary care at all times, as well as adequate stimulation and thorough socialisation.

58. Ensure that all advertising is factual and neither offers Eurasiers at cheap prices, nor is worded so as to attract undesirable buyers.

59. Never sell a puppy to a home where it will be habitually without human company for more than a few hours at a time.

60. Fully inform potential puppy owners about the characteristics and needs of the breed, and the disadvantages, as well as advantages, of raising and owning a Eurasier.

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