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Kathy Clark

Kathy’s first encounter with a Eurasier was 7 years ago when her niece bought two from the same litter. When she retired in 2007 she got her Eurasier puppy who became a very integral part of her life. She first became interested in Rescue in early 2012 and since then has helped owners to either re-home their Eurasier/s or to support them to enable them to stay in their current homes.

Junior Hudson

Eurasiers are a central part of Junior's life; he currently owns three. As a former member, Secretary and Breed Health Coordinator of another Eurasier breed club he decided to join the ESUK to continue his work for the breed. With a keen interest in canine health and breed development he is Co-director of The Canine Health Project. Junior also works as a behaviourist/trainer. He is very happy for you to contact him for advice on any Eurasier health, breeding or training matter.

Committee Member

Mike Powell

Mike first met Eurasiers at Discover Dogs in 2010 then spent a considerable amount of time deciding if it would be the right breed for his family. In 2013 he met Charlotte and her Eurasier Boo, who then became the mother of his beautiful Eurasier Rex. This was the first litter born by artificial insemination in the UK, he was one of seven puppies. Since having Rex, Mike and wife Sonya have met wonderful people through the society. He enjoys showing Rex off at Eurasier events and in the future hopes to have a puppy sired by Rex. 

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