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Committee of the Eurasier Society UK

Elected at the AGM, April 2014










Annelie Feder

Annelie has been Chairperson of the EKW, the oldest and largest Eurasier Club in Germany, for more than 12 years. She is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Eurasier-people world-wide and has written the only textbook on Eurasiers ‘Eurasier Heute’.

Chairperson and Breed Health Coordinator

Dr Brigitte Mordan-Grimm

Brigitte’s interest in dogs deepened during her studies of biology in her native Austria. In her search for the ideal companion dog, she encountered the Eurasier in the 1980-ies, and has never looked back! She now owns three Eurasiers, one being the only German Eurasier in the UK (who is a junior champion in her ‘homeland’) and her daughter. She has in the process found many like-minded friends all over the world. Since founding the Eurasier Society UK health concerns have been at the forefront of her dog-related and professional work. Because of her expertise in this field she was elected on to the Health Committee of the International Federation for Eurasier Breeding (IFEZ) in 2012. Her canine interests range from health, behaviour/training, agility, and obedience to breeding and showing.
Having headed UK Eurasier Rescue for many years she currently focuses on her role as Chairperson and Health Coordinator, leading the Health & Breeding Subcommittee, representing the UK at IFEZ as well as writing the Breed Notes for ‘Our Dogs’. In 2015 she qualified as a Eurasier judge and frequently organizes breed seminars for conformation judges as well as interested owners.


Ruth Bickford

Ruth has been a long time equine hybrid owner, enthusiast and member of the British Mule Society. Her passion to gain knowledge from the horse's mouth led her to attend the Eurasier Society's Seminar with our patron Annelie Feder, and hence join the Society. Husband Bryan found the Eurasier breed in his quest for a family companion and this has now changed their lives again with so many new friends and Eurasier adventures taking them to new horizons!

Membership Secretary

Lynn Pay

Lynn first discovered the Eurasier in 2005 while investigating on the internet what breed would be best for herself and husband Philip. They got their first Eurasier in 2006 and have never looked back. They now have three Eurasier girls and Lynn is very passionate about ensuring the future health and well-being of the breed and has been involved with the Society since its inception.

Lynn is also part of the Health & Breeding Subcommittee and looks after our Website and Facebook Group.


Albert Sopata

Albert first became interested in Eurasiers through his wife Susan who had heard about the breed from her German friend. In 2012 after losing a much loved dog, Sue contacted ESUK and the result of that was re-homing Baloo, and in due course becoming more involved with ESUK and consequently meeting a lot of very nice people and making new friends.