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So, you’d like your eurasier to have puppies?

If you are thinking of breeding from your bitch or dog the first thing you must do is contact the  breeder of your dog and / or a member of the ESUK Health & Breeding Sub-committee.

It is most likely that when your puppy was registered at the Kennel Club, a breeding endorsement was put in place, this will need to be lifted by your breeder before any offspring can be Kennel Club registered.

You will be advised that certain health tests will need to be done, with a satisfactory conclusion. The tests can be carried out after they have reached an age of one year and they are the same for dog and bitch. The health tests needed are:

Please see the Breed Health page for further information on these conditions. It may also be advisable to check for other potential health issues depending on your dogs ancestry, the Health Coordinator will advise.

Your dog’s breeder together with the ESUK Health & Breeding Sub-committee are able to offer our members advice; to bitch owners on choosing appropriate stud dogs taking into account your preferences, health, conformation and temperament and also to stud dog owners on the suitability of a potential bitch.